Lavender Room

The Lavender Room is located off the kitchen. It is the largest of the three and the window looks out onto our backyard, and you can see the emus and the woods that shield us from the road. The art in this room includes Japanese woodblock prints and watercolors painted by Chinese artist Xu De, who lives in Western Massachusetts.

Pink Room

The Pink Room is a mirror image to the White Room. Sitting at the spinette, you can look out onto the east pasture and see how we nestled the house into the woods. The front window overlooks the gazebo.  The art in this room includes work by Dee and artists from Western Massachusetts.

White Room

The White Room is our most popular room for many reasons. This room offers views of the llamas, emus, chickens and back woods.The art in this room includes work by artists from Oaxaca, Mexico, Cornwall, England, and Western Massachusetts. 


Breakfast at Starlight Llama starts with granola, fruit, yogurt, and fresh coffee or your choice of herbal or English teas, plus a seasonally appropriate hot dish that could include John's fantastic apple-cider french toast or pumpkin-spice pancakes served home-style.  Each of our vegetarian options can easily accommodate vegan, gluten-dairy or soy-free diets.


Solar living is simple. Starlight Llama is an off-the-grid home, meaning we are not connected to any electric company. We chose to "go solar" to make a positive difference for the environment and to share what we have learned about this lifestyle.

The Cabin

The Cabin is a reproduction of Henry David Thoreau's cabin described in his book Walden, found on a high hill in Starlight Llama's woods.  An exact reproduction, it also holds three chairs as Thoreau's cabin, "one for solitude, two for company, and three for society."

About Us

Starlight Llama Bed & Breakfast is the first solar-powered, 100% off-the-grid, bed & breakfast. Head over to this page to learn a little bit more about our lovely home and farm and our history here in Northampton, MA


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Contact Us

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Solar Power

Learn more about solar power and how we use it to power our whole farm and home here at Starlight Llama Bed & Breakfast