Lavender Room

About The Lavender Room

The Lavender Room, or Inside room as we call it, is located off the kitchen. It is the largest of the three and was recently painted a lovely 'amethyst' or rich lavender. Its bathroom is located directly across the hall and is also the largest. The room has a single queen sized bed, a lovely Arts & Crafts table, relaxing chair, Shaker-reproduction cabinet built by John, and small tables owned by and possibly made by John's grandfather. This room is our choice for people who are slightly chemical sensitive.

The window looks out onto our backyard, and you can see the emus and the woods that shield us from the road. The art in this room includes Japanese woodblock prints and watercolors painted by Chinese artist Xu De, who lives in Western Massachusetts. Included is a special painting, a gift from Xu to commemorate the birth of our son who was born in the Year of the Rooster. At left the Lavender Room prior to new paint.

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We welcome your reservations by email or by phone at 413-584-1703. Room fees are $115 per night and include a full vegetarian breakfast. Rooms fit a queen-sized bed and 2 people, but any extra person are charged $20.