Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Bed and Breakfast available for reservations during Alumni Weekends?

Yes. Alumni weekends are not quite as busy as Graduation, but we suggest that you make restaurant reservations as early as you can.  Alumni weekend sometimes falls on Paradise City Arts Fest weekend.  Be sure to check it out!

Can Starlight Llama accommodate smokers?

We are a nonsmoking establishment. Starlight Llama is smoke-free in the building and grounds.  A $250 fee will be charged if the room or bed smells of cigarettes.

What do we need to know about driving in Northampton and the Pioneer Valley?

Pedestrians have the right of way here, and people will step in front of your moving vehicle, expecting you to stop. Take care in Florence, near Smith College, and in downtown Northampton. There is a hefty fine, so please drive with care.

Street parking in Northampton center is free after 6pm and on Sundays. A convenient parking garage located downtown is free for the first hour, and 50cents an hour after that.

Traveling to UMass? Go slow, depending upon the street if you go over 25-30 mph you will get a ticket! Stop for students crossing in all designated crosswalks.

We are visiting the area for outdoor activities (hiking, biking, skiing, swimming) but the weather is not cooperating. What are some other activities in Northampton and the Pioneer Valley?

We live in a wonderful place where there is much to do.  First on Dee’s list is to visit the area’s art museums.  Museums 10, is a consortium of art and cultural museums and we usually have maps to get you there.  These include the campus museums at Smith College, the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College, Museum of Contemporary Art at UMass… All are easy to find, and some, like Deerfield Museums boast wonderful hands-on activities on select weekends which are great for kids.  MassMOCA is about an hour northwest and is always worth a visit, and The Springfield Museums, a set of 5 museums on a Quad or green in Springfield has something for everyone, including the Dr. Seuss sculptures outside.  


If you have limited time, shop and dine in downtown Northampton and visit some of the hot spots for coffee and people-watching. If you crave warm weather visit the Victorian Greenhouses at Smith College, or the Butterfly Museum in South Deerfield.   


We also love to send people to the Montague Book Mill, which is adjacent to the Alvah Stone Restaurant and the Lady Killigrew Cafe. The Peace Pagoda is another destination in nearby Leverett. John was a volunteer on that project and can tell you more over breakfast.

What are some good biking or hiking trails in the Pioneer Valley?

We have terrific and easy to reach bike paths nearby and we have maps you can borrow to explore the Northampton and Norwottock trails.

Our house is located in Western Northampton where the Northampton Bike Club rides, so just leaving the driveway is an adventure. Sylvester Road’s slalom curves are particularly fun and it is relatively flat.

We also suggest that you ride to Westhampton to see the quintessential New England view; white church spire peeking out among rolling hills and mountains.  It is stunning and feels timeless.  If you want a challenge, ride to the top of the hill on Rt. 66 to visit Outlook Farm.  Seasonally you can pick apples or get an ice cream; but anytime we suggest a coffee, sandwich or one of their incredible baked apples and take in the view of the Pioneer Valley.  

We walk our land, 120 acres, and you are welcome to as well, but we also recommend Mt. Tom, the Roberts Meadow Trail, the Notch in Granby, and if you want simple and flat, the bike path and Look Park in Florence.

Do you have vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free breakfast options?

Yes. We pride ourselves on being a Bed & Breakfast with gluten free options and vegetarian options. As long-time vegetarians ourselves, we make a variety of meatless and delicious options. Gluten-free products are readily available and we can easily adapt our recipes for gluten free guests in addition to vegan or vegetarian guests.

Is your Bed and Breakfast available for reservations during Smith College graduation?

Yes. Please book early for graduation, a year in advance is not too soon. Make your restaurant reservation then as well or your party may have to wait for hours to dine out.   

We are also available for alumni weekends. They are not as busy, but we suggest that you make a reservation as early as you can.

What is Starlight Llama’s cancellation and refund policy?

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations in advance of 2 weeks will be credited. Cancellations within 2 weeks of your reservation will be charged 50% per night which we will credit to you during a future visit. Maximum refund is 50% each one, night per night charged. If we fill the room we will refund you. Cancellations within one week during holiday weeks and foliage season will be fully charged.

Graduation Cancellation Policy: Graduation Weekends are important events in Northampton and parents are encouraged to schedule their reservations a year in advance. As a result, we are following the policies of our peers and require a 3-month cancellation for a refund.

If you cancel within 3 months, and if we fill the rooms, we will refund your deposit, if not, you will be charged the full rate. Cancellations in the final 4 weeks before graduation will be charged the full amount regardless of whether we fill the room or not.

Holidays, weekends spring through fall, and graduations require a two-night minimum.

What are the check-in and check-out times at Starlight Llama?

  • Weekdays check-in is after 4:00 p.m. or as arranged
  • Check-out is 11 a.m

Does your Bed and Breakfast allow pets?

No. Our apologies, new dogs or pets upset the animals and mostly our birds who have a free-range lifestyle and are not behind fences. In fact, the peacocks have decided that the B&B area is their favorite place to hang out, so dogs are absolutely not an option. Many of our guests are allergic to cats so we cannot accept a cat and we do not allow them in the rooms.

If you want to visit the area and travel with your pets, Bed and Bowl in Chesterfield accepts pets but no humans, there is a new pet hotel in Hadley (between Northampton and Amherst) and several of the local veterinarians board dogs and cats.

What happens in the Pioneer Valley nightlife scene?

Northampton has lots of music venues and incredible restaurants. If you want to eat and listen, check out the Iron Horse. The Calvin Theater and the colleges all have active calendars (see 5 College Calendar) and the Academy of Music has a mix of music and films. Amherst Cinema in Amherst shows indie and small releases, and there is a Cinemark at the mall in Hadley for blockbuster movies.

There are also several noted bars in Northampton including the Tunnel Bar for a classic Martini, or Ye Olde Watering Hole for a divey beer and a fresh-squeezed grapefruit cocktail.

Where should we dine out in the Northampton area?

Northampton has incredible restaurants. We have Thai, Mexican, Tibetan, Vegan fare, sushi, pizza, pasta, Cajun, elegant dining for a romantic celebration or a brew pub atmosphere for a birthday.

We are happy to recommend places, but of course, that varies by what you want to spend, the occasion, and what you are hungry for. We will share our favorites, but always suggest that you walk downtown and compare menus. There are restaurant guides in each room, and we keep a stack of reviews from Preview magazine, a local arts magazine, to give you a greater perspective.