The Cabin

About The Cabin

The Cabin is a reproduction of Henry David Thoreau's cabin described in his book Walden found on a high hill in Starlight Llama's woods. An exact reproduction, it also holds three chairs as Thoreau's cabin, "one for solitude, two for company, and three for society."

Guests are welcome to hike to the cabin, built by proprietor John Clapp, to read a book or relax in the woods. 


A Tale of Two Cabins : Comparative Stories of Thoreau's Cabin, Nature, and Life

Tale of two cabins cover photoIn A Tale of Two Cabins, John brings Thoreau into the 21st century in his first person narrative; John relates his story of building a reproduction of Thoreau’s cabin, in an imagistic style that makes it accessible to all. He then continues his story by echoing some of Thoreau’s thoughts on Nature, religion, death, and growing up in rural New England. Included are John’s personal stories of his family’s early arrival in New England where his ancestors, in 1630, helped settle Dorchester MA, and their move west, eventually settling in Northampton where John’s family has lived since 1670. Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s John’s autobiographical pursuit and his eclectic interests will appeal to those who were part of the hot rod and Harley era, Hippy Revolution, coming of age in a tumultuous time, or dabbling in New Age enchantment.

2017 will mark Thoreau’s 200th birthday, yet with each passing year his writing remains relevant, having inspired the back to earth movement, land preservation, and acts of civil disobedience readers will continue to place Thoreau at the top of the greatest writers of the 19th century. John's timely account celebrates the simplicity, contradictions and depth of Thoreau.