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About Our Solar Power and Energy Saving Innovations

Starlight Llama is an off-the-grid home meaning we are not connected to any electric company.  We chose to "go solar" to make a positive difference for the environment and we opened this bed and breakfast to help share what we have learned and to show that solar living is simple.  The decision to go solar was an easy choice for us.  The cost of our solar array, batteries and inverter was comparable to the cost of an electric company hook up as we would have paid to bring in electrical poles or bury cables.  This system produces all of our electrical needs without contributing to global warming, and we never get an electric bill.

Solar living is surrounded by myth and exaggeration. We welcome anyone interested in "going solar" to stay in our solar home. We have found this system to be more than adequate for our needs. We have made the same adjustments in our behavior that any energy-conscious family could to save money and kilowatts; we have learned to extend the power we create by using all compact fluorescent lights and turn off items not in use or not needed. We do not have air conditioning, but do offer fans in each room. We have purchased Energy Star appliances. Our gas refrigerator is from Sweden and is much smaller than a typical household fridge, and uses a gallon of propane a week, or it can run off of electricity during the summer months when we have more available power. We were both pleased and amazed to learn that we can run the TV, computer, dishwasher and lights without problem. Only in the darkest part of the winter - or during extended periods of rain - do we need to use a back-up generator. John is available to answer your questions and offer resources for you to explore more on your own. 

We care about the environment and want to be a resource to help you make your energy saving decisions. Our home has many passive solar and active solar systems, including an attached greenhouse that warms our house when the sun is shining. 

Our hot water is made in three ways: we have a solar hot water collector in the greenhouse, wood stove heated water, and guest rooms use the on-demand hot water heater which provides all the hot water needed, without the waste of heating water 24 hours a day.

What to Learn More?

Both John and Dee welcome scouting and school group visits on weekends or in the late afternoon during the school year. We will also happily present at your school or green event.  To book, call us at 413-584-1703 or email us at